Single Entry

  • Single entries only available for experienced climbers that have passed the in house belay test or have successfully completed the in house induction course.
  • U18s must be accompanied by an experienced adult.
  • The registration fee is a once off payment. Any experienced climber wishing to return to the centre must pay registration fee. This does not include taster sessions or inductions.
Single Entry (Experienced) Equipment Hire 
Adult€12.50Chalk Bag€2.00
Bouldering€8.50Belay Plate€2.00
Students and Seniors€9.00Harness€3.50
Registration Fee€5.00Lead Rope€8.00


    • Full membership includes access to ropes, bouldering and training room for adults and students.
    • Bouldering membership includes access to bouldering and training room only.
    • Full membership for U18s includes access to ropes and bouldering under experienced adult supervision. Training room access is not allowed.
    • Students must have valid student card.
    • Family membership is for 2 adults and 2 U18s.
Bouldering only
1 month€70
3 months€190€400€150€120
6 months€300€720€260€225
Annual €560