Entry Procedures

For those new to climbing, please view the options listed here.

For experienced climbers, the following procedures will take place on your first entry to the gym:

  • You will be asked to fill out a registration form.
  • You will be charged a registration fee of €10 along with normal entry and rental fees.  Please bring relevant proof to avail of discounts i.e. valid student ID, IMC membership card etc.
  • Your proficiencies will be checked by a qualified instructor.  For any proficiencies that will not apply to your current visit (for instance, if you are capable of lead climbing but only wish to boulder), you may defer these checks to a later date.  You may not attempt any form of climbing you have not passed a check for.  Belay and boulder checks are free, but limited to one per person per day.  If you fail a check you must wait until your next entry to attempt it again.
  • Each fully registered adult climber may supervise up to two people.  These can be adults or children, who are not capable of using the centre independently.  In this case, the registered climber is responsible for educating them on the risks of climbing and using the centre.  The registered climber must stay on-site while they are supervising other climbers.  The supervised climbers may not belay or supervise other climbers.
  • For under 18’s to use the centre unsupervised, they must be at least 14 years old and hold a completed NICAS level 2 award (or equivalent, in which case their proficiency will be assessed by one of our instructors).  Parents must fill out an unsupervised junior form which you can request at front desk.

All entry is subject to staff discretion.  Management reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason.